Waiting ...

Well, my guys were supposed to arrive this afternoon in Krakow ... but ... due to some problems on their departure from Minneapolis to JFK in New York, they were unable to fly across the ocean last night.

After a very long and tiring travel day ... they made it to New York, where the airline put them up in a hotel ... in preparation for their departure tonight to Prague (7:30 PM EDT). So, when its all said and done, they'll have been traveling for over 2 straight days to get here!

Chris, Jon and Kyle will (oh, please!!!) ... arrive in Krakow, Poland on Tuesday afternoon at 1:25 Central European Time. We'll be there with smiling faces and caffeine loaded drinks to make sure they make it to our final destination ... Frydlant nad Ostravici ... and Hotel Malenovice.

As far as my schedule ... well, as most of my "followers" know ... there isn't much moss growing under this "rollin' stone" ... so, today I worked some more on Selah projects, moved all my stuff ... and all the tools, over to the projects at Malenovice, met with the carpenter and talked through the plans, and got settled into our "quarters" at Hotel Malenovice.

Here are a couple pictures of the cabins we'll be working on.

Our main task will be to trim out all of the windows ... inside and out! There are 12 windows on each cabin, so we're gonna have our work cut out for us ... but I know these guys (and I've really been braggin' them up!!!) ... so I think we'll do pretty well. And, oh ... the weather is supposed to be beautiful all week long!!

Stay tuned!


Jim Welch said...

Nice cabins Brother Dave.

New Orleans team is doing great as we prepare for God's journey.

Keep us in your prayers as we do your team.

Cheri said...

As you can imagine, we are following your team's travels with great interest.

I'm sure this adventure in getting the Czech is knitting them together as a unit. With a little caffeine, they'll be unstoppable!

Praying for you all and excited to hear how GOD is using you to bring glory to HIM!