Full Circle!

The final days of work on the conference center expansion in Eastern Czech Republic were filled with beautiful weather and very satisfied folks!

Kyle and Dave continued to cut pieces and build frames for the 24 windows in the 2 cabins. That meant 48 frames and trim (24 inside and 24 outside!). They completed 18 of the outside frames and 16 of the inside frames.

Jon and Chris spent copious amount of time filling holes, sanding and painting the frames; making them ready for the installation. Unfortunately, the paint sprayer quit working around noon on the last day, which made it unable to put a second coat on the frames and begin the final installation.

Even though we were disappointed that we couldn't install them completely, everyone was very pleased with the final outcome and what we were able to accomplish!

Probably the best part was the great friendships and strong bonds that were created with our new Czech carpenter friend, Tomas Klim ... and his helper, Petr.

It was fun to pose in front of some of the completed window frames with all of us (left to right): Jon Shields, Dave Johnson, Tomas Klim, Kyle Stratton, Chris Ehlert and project manager/good friend, Petr Bozon.

We're hoping and praying that they can finish these cabins in the next month ... in preparation for a big conference the first weekend in May.

So, once again, we left an impact ... and chunks of our hearts behind ... in hopes of someday returning again, perhaps with some more "NEXT" adventurers! Oh, ... but our adventure wasn't over!!

We were scheduled to take an early flight back to the states ... leaving Krakow, Poland early on Thursday, March 31 and arriving home in Minneapolis late that day. So, Petr Bozon took us to Krakow in the afternoon, where we had booked a little "gasthaus" for the night ... in preparation for an "O-dark-thirty" departure. We had a little time to snap some "tourist shots" in Krakow and enjoyed coffee on the town square and a few minutes of souvenir shopping (that's all that a guy needs, right!?).

"Oh, how nice!" ... you're probably saying! ... well, it was nice ... but the adventure wasn't over. After enjoying a nice Polish dinner at the restaurant -Chłopskie Jadło we made our way back to our guesthouse to get a short-nights' rest! When we turned on the computer for one last email connection, we discovered that our flight from Krakow to Prague was cancelled ... and that we needed to start our return trip ... not from Krakow ... where we were ... but from Prague! ... which was an overnight train ride away! So, we checked out of the guest house (without even laying down on the beds!) ... got a taxi to the train station ... went up and down and round-and-round to finally obtain tickets, and at 10 pm boarded an overnight train to Prague!

Click here to see a short video of us waiting on the platform at the Krakow main train station!

Everyone had a great attitude about it ... even during some "tense moments" ... when some guys of questionable character slowed down before us in a pretty dark part of the Krakow train station! But, everything turned out fine, and now everyone is home safe with family and friends!

Thanks to everyone who gave, prayed and encouraged us with your words along the way! Much was accomplished ... with both hands and hearts! Stay tuned for the NEXT Adventure ... which isn't very far away, for sure!!!