Packin' Up and Headin' Out! ... (again!)

This is an incredibly exciting day for us!  Tomorrow morning (Wednesday, July 24, 2012) Joyce and I and 9 others are embarking on yet another NEXT International adventure of faith and service!  We will be flying to Prague, Czech Republic ... and then taking a 5 hour train ride to the city of Zilina, Slovakia!

For the third year,
our non-profit, NEXT International, has been invited by Josiah Venture/TCKompas (www.josiahventure.com), a partner organization in Eastern Europe, to help conduct an Outreach English/Activity/Sports Camp for high school students in the country of Slovakia!  These camps are hosted by a local church and led by a very committed group of Slovak leaders who want to share God's love in practical ways with their peers.

These kinds of camps consist of a ton of "American and Slovak" games, activities and sports ... (think water balloons, dizzy bat, football, baseball, and just about any other crazy game!!) ... along with a daily 2 hour session devoted to teaching English.  Students are drawn to the camp because they can improve their English speaking skills by hearing and learning from native English speakers.  Each evening will also include an evening program and "talk" ... with this year's theme being:


Our hope is to help these students see that a relationship with God is
>GREATER THAN> any other thing they could think of or pursue!

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**NEXT International is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, so all contributions are tax deductible.