KECY Team 2011!

We're super excited to introduce the KECY Slovak English Camp Team for 2011!

Six courageous and adventurous folks will venture forth on June 28 on a 12 day trip to Slovakia. Our Eastern European partner, Josiah Venture, is the sponsoring organization for this event. And, specifically, we will be working on the Slovak arm of JV, called TCKompas.

Our team will be partnering directly with a leadership team from a church in the Slovak capital city, Bratislava. They are organizing the camp and currently promoting this opportunity in their local schools.

The essence of this camp is to help be "bridge builders" ... by offering English instruction done by native English speakers to high-school students. That's the "English" portion of the "English" Camp. The rest of the camp experience for these students will be filled with ice-breakers, games, events, hikes and other relationship-building activities. Ultimately, our goal is to connect these students with young leaders from the Bratislava church, who will work to follow up with the campers throughout the school year. Our prayer is that God would use us to impact lives and draw them closer towards knowing Him!

So, give thanks for Amanda, Joyce, Steve, Terry, Peter ...

... and "Coach Dave!" ... (he wasn't able to be in the team picture!) ...

Please pray that we'll be effective "ambassadors for Christ!" ... and that God's love will shine through each of us!