Project Eternity

As you look at the picture on the left, obviously, it wasn't taken in Wisconsin in February! No, actually, this is one of the last shots of me that was taken in Czech Republic last August. I had been working on Selah, the JV retreat center for a couple weeks and I was about an hour away from jumping on a train to start making my way back to the US.

Although I left the people and the project physically, I never really left emotionally ... and so ... when Mel Ellenwood and I began to dialog about remaining projects, I jumped at the chance to return!

My tickets are purchased and I'm strong into the plans for getting back to Czech in mid-March. One of the greatest joys about this trip is that I get to take a few friends along!! A couple carpenters and a close family friend are cued up to be a part of the team!

So, what about the "Project Eternity" title? ... Well, I have a very strong commitment to invest my greatest and best resources to see "His Kingdom come and His will be done ... ON EARTH ... as it is in Heaven. Eternity is written on everyone's heart ... and as we invest in serving others, I truly believe that we are working on "Project Eternity" ... so stay tuned ... its gonna be a wild ride, as usual!!