Time to RE-CONNECT!! KECY Camp 2013 in Slovakia!

We are "tingling with anticipation!" as we count the hours until we embark on another "ministry adventure!" Our "NEXT" adventure of faith and service will be to help 2 outreach teams in the country of Slovakia starting tomorrow!! Actually, we depart from Minneapolis, MN tomorrow afternoon and fly to Amsterdam and then on to Prague.  From Prague we will then take a 5 hour train ride to the city of Zilina, Slovakia where we will join with leaders from our Eastern European partners Josiah Venture and TCKompas (www.josiahventure.com).  Our teams will help conduct 2 Outreach English/Activity/Sports Camps for high school students in the country of Slovakia!

These kinds of camps consist of a ton of "American and Slovak" games, activities and sports ... (think water balloons, dizzy bat, football, baseball, and just about any other crazy game!!) ... along with a daily 2 hour session devoted to teaching English. Students are drawn to the camp because they can improve their English speaking skills by hearing and learning from native English speakers. Each evening will also include an evening program and "talk" ... with this year's theme being:


Our hope is to help these students see that there is a God who made them and who loves them ... and wants them to "RE-CONNECT with Him!


We will be returning on Tuesday, August 6 ... but in the meantime ... we'll try to keep you posted here and on Facebook!

Serving the Risen Lord with you!

Dave & Joyce Johnson

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