"Selah-ing" Along

The mountain-side retreat house called Selah in Eastern Czech Republic has been my home since this past Monday. My dear friend and colleague, Mel Ellenwood, invited me to come over ahead of our NEXT International outreach team to help finish up the "rolling to-do/punch-list" of items that are necessary to complete before this facility can be opened for regular use by Josiah Venture staff who desire a place to come and be renewed and refreshed! Anyone who's gone through a building project knows how long it takes for all those little pieces of trim to get put on, so I was glad to come and help Mel for a few days!

At first, being here completely alone was a bit strange ... especially since I usually don't sleep at the site where I'm working. I guess it's happened in the past, but I've most often been with a team. In this case, all of the essential necessities were available at Selah (water, heat, electricty ... and some pretty sweet furnishings, if I might add), so why pay to stay in the town. Mel probably didn't think about it, but having me stay right here insured that he'd get a few more hours work out of me if I didn't have to pack things up and travel down the mountain! He was right!

I've settled into a nice routine ... just in time to move out and go across the valley to stay with our team of guys coming on Monday (March 21). These 3, Chris, Jon and Kyle ... will be traveling to Krakow, Poland from Minneapolis, where they will be met and transported to Frydlant nad Ostravici, Czech Republic. (click on the blue letters to read more about this town! We will be here until March 31, working on the expansion of Josiah Venture's conference center, Hotel Malenovice, which is just across the valley from Selah!

As far as what Mel and I have been doing ... well ... you'll need to check a couple videos!

Click here on SELAH PUNCH LIST to see some of the projects we've been doing.

Click on THIS LINK and you'll see what thing are looking like outside!

Just as a teaser ... here are a few pics from around Selah this morning!

Please stay tuned for more adventures!!


Jim Welch said...

Greetings Brother Dave,
Recieved your prayer request this morning and shared it with our New Orleans team and our extended family at Living Witness. Be assured that prayer is taking place for Joyce, You, and your family. Loved your videos, keep up the good (God) work.
God bless you,

Mark said...

simply stated,, Incredible.
Be Encouraged my Father in the Faith.