Not all Work!

OK, so some of our readers are calling for more information! They're asking, "What have you guys been doing for the last 4 days!" Well, hopefully this update will help!

On Thursday and Friday we put in full days working on cabins near Hotel Malenovice. We are refining the process to get as far as we can before we leave on Friday. At the same time, we're enjoying getting to know our Czech co-workers ... carpenters Tomas and Petr ... and the welding crew! Not to mention the caulkers, log setters, painters, plumbers, and whoever else happens to show up! Its a busy place! You can see a few pictures by clicking HERE ...

Also, you can view some videos of our escapades by clicking on these links - VIDEO 1 ... and ... VIDEO 2.

Friday evening was spent having a wonderful visit and meal with the Ellenwoods in their home in Cesky Tesin. For those who are connected to my facebook page, you know that this family is in the midst of an amazing opportunity! Their son, Noah (15 yrs old) is in the final 20 (10 men and 10 women) of Cesko Slovensko Superstar (the Czech/Slovak version of American Idol). You can view a video of him singing on Saturday night (March 26) ... by clicking HERE!!

This young man has taken a solid stand for his faith, and his family's work as missionaries here in Eastern Europe. What a joy we had being with them on Friday night ... then ... oh, yeah!! ... traveling to Prague on Saturday to see Noah perform LIVE!!! What a blast! Actually you can see us a little on Live Czech TV by CLICKING HERE!! Look for us at about 47 seconds! Chris Ehlert is wearing a bright yellow NEXT t-shirt, and Kyle Stratton is sitting next to him with a camo cap on!

So, our Saturday and Sunday were spent being on live Czech TV, TOURING PRAGUE (click on the link to see video) with some Czech friends of Dave's and getting back to Frydlant nad Ostravici.

We're looking forward to a couple full days of work tomorrow and Tuesday! ... so stay tuned for more!


Al &Mary said...

Everything seems to be going great. Wish we could have been with you at the Slovakia Idol show. Think and pray for you and the team frequently.
Oh, it is almost 90 degrees in our location!
God bless
Mom and Dad

Jim Welch said...

Good to hear from you. I was wondering if you got lost.

Sounds like a great trip. Looking to forward to seeing you.

Have a safe journey home.

God bless you,