Couldn't Be Better!

The team arrived!! Hooray!

As I was walking back to the hotel last evening after doing some more "prep work" at the site ... I saw a small station driving past with 3 guys wearing baseball caps inside! My heart leaped for joy! They made it!! After almost 48 hours the guys were finally at their destination! I'm so thankful for the calm and easy-going nature of these 3 guys. They all came with the greatest of attitudes and perspectives through the long travel delays, and we're all certainly glad to be here!

We got them checked in, and settled into our accommodations right away, took a walk down to the site for a look, then hiked back up "the hill" to have supper! The goal was to keep these guys awake until at least 9 0'clock! ... and for the most part, it worked!!

There were some very distinct sounds reverberating through our room last night, and some of us decided that ear plugs were the way to go! But, everyone slept well and woke with great expectations and hopes of a productive day. And it certainly was! We got a great start on trimming the 12 windows in one of the two newly constructed cabins. Our hope is, by Tuesday night next week to have all the windows trimmed! That goal is definitely within reach!

We're especially enjoying working alonside the Czech carpenters, Tomas and Petr. Kyle is already learning some Czech construction terms! Ask him what v vaze means!!!

So, here are a few pictures and a short video of today's adventures ... enjoy! Oh, and for those wanting to know what the accident report looks like ... a few slivers were encountered, one band-aid was used, and legs are just a little sore from the hike up and down the hill. I think everyone will sleep well tonight ... oh, and from the sounds of things, one already is!

"The guys" ... Jon, Tomas, Kyle, Chris, Petr

You can watch a video of today's activities by clicking on THIS LINK!

Stay tuned!


Al &Mary said...

Glad to hear that the team arrived safely and are already on the job - but - how could you do that to a mother?

Cheri said...

Just thinking Dave, did you ever imagine when you and Pat had breakfast together that July morning so many years ago to celebrate Jon's birth - that someday he would work beside you in Czech Republic?

Our God is amazing!

Lora said...

Thankful for the team's safe arrival and God's preparation of bodies, minds and hearts!

Lora said...
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Mark said...

As you begin your team in CZ, lifting up praises anf glory to our Lord in Heaven, we are just wrapping ours up in Guatemala. I can´t wait to debreif with you!

Continue lifting praises and dancing like David!