One Week Into It!

It's been a week since I left the States to come to Czech Republic to help on the Josiah Venture retreat house, Selah. Things have gone well and we're "branching out" to new venues. Tuesday, Mel and Wayne continued with the window framing while I started laying out the railing system. This is kind of tricky business, given the fact that this entire log-constructed building will probably settle 4 - 6 inches! So, we had to scratch our heads a bit and "commiserate" on what would be the best way to proceed. I think we've got a pretty good handle on it, so we should be able to get at least a couple sections together before I leave next week.

Working together with the Czech project manager, Petr, is a real joy! We connect on many levels, so its fun to sense a real "kindred spirit." Tuesday morning is the Czech Josiah Venture (KAM) team prayer meeting. Petr invited me to join him and the rest of the group, which was a wonderful privilege! I was able to pray with a few of the guys who I knew from past times together and encourage them in their work. What really struck me was the fact that I can't do what these guys are doing ... but I can certainly encourage and bless them with my prayers and friendship. I look forward to more opportunities to "build God's Kingdom" in this way.

Last evening was also very special as far as relationships go. The "tri kamarady" (three comrades) are now staying in the manager's apartment at Hotel Malenovice. It's a nice set-up and we're thankful for three separate beds!!! Supper is even provided, so we were blessed to sit together with Petr and share stories of our growing up and family life. These "connecting points" are super important and really help to encourage and build up one-another. We are blessed to see friendships grow!

Today we're heading to Poland with Petr to do a project update on H2O. This is the conference center/camp in southern Poland that Joyce and I worked on last summer. Our March team visited the project when we were here, so it will be very interesting to see the progress. Also, I'm looking forward to greeting my dear friend, Kazik! He's taken a real place in our hearts! In addition, we will be taking Bratr Orawski, a pastor with whom I worked 17 years ago on a new church building! WOW!! Has it been that long that I've been doing this?

Thanks for following the adventure and your encouraging comments! Look for more pics and video tomorrow!

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Al &Mary said...

"tri kamarady" sounds very special. Yes, it has been 17 years - time goes fast when enjoyment comes with the job.
Praying for safety and blessings.
Mom and Dad