Greater Things are Yet to Come!

The last 2 days have been filled with opportunities to join our hearts and hands with our friends and co-workers here in Eastern Europe. As I mentioned in the previous blog, on Wednesday we drove to Southern Poland to visit H2O.

We were very encouraged to see the progress ... and visit with Leszek, Kazik and Susan.

The plan is for H2O to open the main part of the facility for groups to use this fall.

It's great to hear and see the passion and vision of these faithful and diligent workers who have given their lives to see the youth of Eastern Europe come to know the living God! To be a "Barnabas Team" and encourage these dear friends is a privilege and joy!

After our visit to Poland, we returned to help Petr on some projects on his apartment. Along with his many responsibilities, he's been remodeling his "flat" while his American wife and children have been family in the US. Again, encouraging this very talented and committed young man is a significant part of what we do. We know that we cannot do the tasks that he does, but we can come alongside and bring joy and energy to his ministry.

Thursday it was back to Selah, where we continued working on building the railing on the deck and trimming windows.

Wayne and Dave had to perform a bit of a "high-wire" act to get some of the pre-built frames in place! We should finish the outside trimming today, and get well along on putting together the railing parts.

Today (Friday) will be the last day that we see Petr on this trip, as he is going to the States for 3 weeks to be with his family and visit some churches. We'll miss him for sure ... and his absence puts a lot more pressure on Dave's language abilit
y! But, we're hopeful that our friendship and partnership in the gospel will continue to grow in the years to come! There are many more opportunities to serve here, and our hope and prayer is that great results will come, not only from our work, but from the tireless efforts of the many people who serve with Josiah Venture here in Eastern Europe.

Stay tuned for at least a couple more updates as we continue the adventure through the weekend!

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Chris E. said...

I see a large hat in your future...before your next trip...

Thanks for the updates along the way, and for your willingness to serve in this manner.

Praying for safety and good progress in the final push. Can't wait to hear stories upon return.