Called Upon!

Many times life's journey has some surprising twists and turns. I can honestly say that, even though my family and I have had plenty of those, it still often catches us off guard a little when they come! But, in God's great goodness, He leads us around those curves, even when we don't see what's ahead!

Our last blog post related a "Mission Accomplished" story ... and we were greatly pleased to share the results of our time at the Josiah Venture retreat house "Selah" last April. Our team departed that beautiful setting with a
feeling of accomplishment ... but also with a knowledge that there was still a lot of work to be done. Our hope (along with Josiah Venture leadership) was to have Selah up and running by July 1.

Unfortunately, because of many circumstances, that goal was unable to be reached. But, we all believe that God can be trusted, and that He isn't up in heaven wringing His hands wondering what He's gonna do now???!!!

As we've moved around this summer, we've made a point to keep in close touch with the leaders of Josiah Venture (www.josiahventure.com) regarding the status of Selah. Last week we were on an international call with Mel, one of JV's Executive Directors. As my wife and I were talking with Mel, we had a "Macedonian call" experience (Acts 16: 6-12). As he explained the need for carpenters to give the final push to complete Selah by September 1, Joyce and I agreed that I should go. So, despite "other plans" ... this unexpected turn of events has me leaving for Czech Republic tomorrow, August 11, to work for 2 weeks on the Josiah Venture retreat house ... Selah!!

Completion of this facility is a critical component for the Josiah Venture organization to offer rest and refreshment to their 100+ staff members. It's situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Czech Republic: the Beskydy Mountains of Eastern Moravia. In fact, the brochure cover to the right proclaims this area as the "most beautiful living in the Beskydy Mountains! Not a bad place to spend a couple weeks working! Our desire is that God will use this facility to touch the hearts and minds of many, who will in turn, be able to reach out with the love of God to those who are far from Him! I love the fact that Jesus, the Master Builder, is building His church!! ... and am blessed to be used by Him!

I won't be working alone on this project as I've heard that Mel's dad, Mel Sr. ... and another fellow, Wayne, will be joining me! That makes me super excited. Our work will be done under the very capable direction of project manager Petr, who is a JV staffer and good friend! I'm getting very excited to meet him on Thursday afternoon and see what work he has in mind for us!

Please come back often and see what we're up to and make comments! I'm even hoping to post videos (for the first time!) on the blog!

Thank you in advance for your thoughts and prayers. We sense God's leading us very clearly in this latest "call!"

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Mark said...


We are praying that God may use you in a mighty way.
Work Hard
Have Fun
Be Relational
Listen for His Voice
Be Still, and Know that HE is God.

your brother,
Markie :)

ps - my envy will pass....