Getting Things Rolling

We've put in 2 good days at Selah and feel like we've gotten off to a great start. As with any "new" project and crew, it takes a little time to start to click, but by noon today the three of us (Mel, Wayne and Dave) feel like there's some good chemistry between us and we know how to proceed forward with the work, together.

This morning, we helped our friend, Petr with some projects on his house before heading up to Selah to continue with the window trimming project. Along with
window trimming, Mel "put fire" to the final piles of brush that we cut down in March!! There was a lot of brush!

While Mel was burning brush, Dave and Wayne were measuring and installing trim on the outside windows. This important step in the process will make the windows ready for the "
klempíře" ... the "tin-benders" to install copper sills on the windows on Tuesday.

At the end of our day, Petr treated us to supper at a favorite restaurant in the area. This area was famous for its "characters" in its day ... just like many parts of the United States. This is the
Valašsko region of Moravia, for it's "cowboy-type" characters who were famous for their traditions of sheepherding and unique rural architecture.

Well, not to be outdone, our own authentic Texas cowboys sat down next to a couple of
Valašske cowboys before dinner. We caught them on film engaged in deep cowboy conversation! What a treat! ... not to mention the great food!

Tomorrow we're looking forward to being in church with our Czech brothers and sisters and perhaps seeing a bit of the very historical area. Stay tuned for more adventures!


Remy Diederich said...

Glad to see you up and running. I always like to see your smile!

Al &Mary said...

brucYippee - Yippee - Yah. Now let's see some lasso work.
Praying for safety
Mom and Dad