Witaj v Domu!

As I crossed the border into Poland yesterday afternoon, this was the sign that greeted me ... "Welcome Home!" I guess its no different than when we cross into another state in the US and we see "Welcome to Wisconsin" ... but it seems different when its written in another language!

I had a great sleep last night in this quiet, peaceful place called H2O. Being here is sometimes hard to imagine that there are 4 million people within a short driving distance from here. The day dawned cool and clear, and after a great cup of strong coffee and a Polish "snidane" of bread, cheese, ham, and hard-boiled eggs, Kazik gave me a bucket of plaster and a couple trowels and we started in plastering!

It was great to finish a wall of the "domek" - cabin ... that we worked on with a team from Colorado in July! The buildings look great (not to mention my wall!)

Hey Colorado Team ... we could have used you this week ... probably could have finished the plastering on building number 3!! Oh, well, maybe next time!

It's been great to hang here with Kazik and help just a little with the continuing reconstruction of this facility.

This afternoon I'm traveling back to Czech Republic to attend a Czech youth group meeting. We're gonna talk a little about being "a loser!" ... as in losing your life for the sake of the Gospel!

S Bogiem!!

Dave J


Professor Johnson said...

Great to see the plaster on these walls!!!!

cheri said...

Hi Dave! Now that company has left, I am catching up on emails and blogs. Great to see what you are up to. We will definitely be praying for you.

And regarding the song ' God of this City'. Powerful song - I love to hear it...especially when Jon sings i!

Mark Jensen said...

Dave, my Jedi Master.. Summer is 'hay making' season, so I am late in writing, but awed at God's ability to continue working through you... or more- Your ability to continue keeping up with God's work !! Wow..!!
The difference at H2O looks huge since my visit. Livable and Functional!
FYI - this weekend we are having dinner with Brad Mullet - in Conover! We will be sure to say Hello.. Miss you man, we need to talk !