Heading South to Serve!

For nearly the past 6 months, a group of people from our church; Cedarbrook, in Menomonie, Wisconsin has been preparing to go to 2 different countries in Latin America to show the love of God as we serve people in practical ways.

Our team of 6 (the one I'll be on) will be a team that is going to Chincha, Peru to help with rebuilding homes for people who's homes (and lives) were devastated in an earthquake in 2007.

Another team of 8 will be going to a village in Honduras to help drill a well that will provide people in that village with clean water ... something that many people in the world don't have access to. Our church is partnering with Living Water International to "provide a cup of water in Jesus' Name!"

To follow these 2 teams, please click on our church's brand new World Missions page. I'll be linking my blog to that page ... as well as posting things myself on this blog!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as we travel and serve for the Glory of God and the good of others!

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Mark Jensen said...

Alrighty Rhino! I'll be following here, there, and the other as well!

If I could be anywhere making adobe bricks and then building homes with them... I'd be with you!

May God pour it on full force with this team!