World Changers!

Wow ... that's about all I can say!

I just finished attending a conference with over 100 young Christian leaders from 11 different countries in Eastern Europe. The theme of the conference was "Passing The Baton ... making Disciples of the next generation." These 20 t0 30 year-olds inspired me and moved me like I haven't experienced in a long time. It's gonna take some time to process these past few days. The hearts and passion of these young people to share God's love and make disciples is a refreshing breeze in a region that has long felt the stifling oppression of post-communist cultures.

Phrases like "hunger, pain, and loneliness each now have a face and a name since I began to work with the homeless and outcasts in our city" brought tears to my eyes as I listened to these men and women share their hearts for God and for reaching their peers with His love! A song that was sung a number of times during the conference was "God of This City"

... and from what I saw and heard ... these folks aren't just singing ... they're investing their lives in seeing God do greater things in the cities and countries where they live!!

So, now I'm in Poland for a day ... to check on a project that we worked on this summer and visit our dear hard-working friend, Kazik. He's making supper for us (himself and me) right now! Tomorrow we'll do some plastering together ... then I'll head back to Czech Republic to visit a youth group that is led by a couple of my new friends!

Stay tuned for more updates. (Oh, sorry about no pictures this time. I just didn't have any that come near expressing the power present at this conference. I'll maybe send some pictures of me plastering!).

Dave J

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