Making Connections and Progress!

Morning sounds fill the valley below my room at Hotel Malenovice as I send this short update.

I arrived here safe and sound on Monday evening after a long night and day of travel.

Yesterday was the first full day of the conference and I was able to renew some friendships, as well as make many new ones (any surprise to that?).

In the afternoon Mel Ellenwood "kidnapped me" and we drove across the valley to the site of the Pstruzi House ... or Beskydy Retreat House. What a thrill to see the foundation for the new building nearly complete and hear that the logs are going to be set in place in about 2 weeks!

Here's a picture of the new foundation.

We are so looking forward to having teams come this spring and summer to complete the building and make this place a "haven of rest" for the many JV staff who will use it.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Blessings for the day,

Dave Johnson

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