Stepping into the Vision (and the work) at H2O

It’s Monday morning, July 27 and we are sitting in a beautiful loft apartment in Frydlant nad Ostravici, Czech Republic. We came here on Saturday to spend a couple days reflecting and debriefing with Dave and Connie Patty, the president of Josiah Venture. As we look back at the last 5 weeks, we feel incredibly thankful and blessed to have served here in Eastern Europe this summer. The people we met and the experiences we had will remain vivid memories in our hearts for a very long time!
Last week was filled with nearly dawn to dusk activities at Camp H2O with the team from Foothills Bible Church in Littleton, Colorado. Our primary task was to get as much renovation done on one of the “domeks” as we could. Well, this group pulled out all the stops and did much more than anyone thought could be accomplished in just 5 days!

The most encouraging part was, by far, working with such an enthusiastic group of people whose desire was to serve God by doing whatever they were asked! The process included some major tasks: like installing 50cm x 100cm x 10 cm thick Styrofoam blocks to a concrete wall, and wire-brushing, sanding and painting a metal roof!
The blocks had to be cut to fit -

... and glued on with cement mix which was “globbed on” to the back of the blocks! Pressure was often needed to get the blocks to line up straight and plumb!

After the blocks were glued in place, we had to drill a 20cm deep hole in the concrete wall and install plastic anchors through the blocks. It was really fun to work with a couple gals (actually Grandmas!!) who had never run a hammer drill before!

While the “wall crew” was busy making the domek look like and igloo, a crew was busy on a “hot tin roof” cleaning and applying 2 coats of durable paint … with brushes and 3 inch rollers! They worked early and late to get the roof done!

By the end of the week, the domek had a nice newly painted roof and walls covered with 10 cm (4 inches) of Styrofoam insulation. We were even able to put the fiberglass mesh and a layer of plaster on a couple of the walls!

There were a couple more people who were an integral part of the team … actually they are key components in the renovation of H20 and its future ministry!
Susan Ellis is a Josiah Venture missionary who has given her life to discipling young people and encouraging them disciple others as well. Her focused life and strong commitment to serve in whatever way needed was an example to all of us! We so appreciated getting to know her in some special ways.

And last but certainly not least, was Kazik, our newest Polish best friend! When the camp was purchased, Kazik came with the camp. He has worked there for 23 years and knows every aspect of the facility. Not only that, he’s a trained cook and provided delicious Polish delicacies 3 times a day (plus pastries!!!). Everyone fell in love with this “energizer bunny” of a man, whether he was welding a hole in the roof, or running and errand on his scooter!

Even though there is much left to be done at H2O, we all saw the huge potential for God to use this facility to touch lives of the 3 million people who live in this region of Southern Poland (South Silesia). All reports indicate that there is not another facility like this in this area. We were blessed to be at this place, by the beauty of the lake which is owned by the camp and by the lives we were able to connect with. We’re looking forward to telling more personal stories and casting a vision with many of you as to how you may become involved in God’s work in Eastern Europe.

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