KECY Camp - Slovakia ... CRAZY FUN!!

When you last heard from us we had hiked up to the top of a mountain to join with other Slovakian believers for an incredible day of fellowship and worship. So, just when you start to think that things can’t get any better, God brings something into our lives that completely blows us away. Such were our experiences for the last 10 days! All we can say is that God is amazing and the opportunities He’s giving us are beyond belief!

Hopefully you will hear in our stories, the echo of 1 Corinthians 2:9 – “things which eye has not seen, and ear has not heard and which have not entered the heart of man, all that, God has prepared for those who love Him.

On Monday, June 29, Pierre and Lisa Vanvuuren took us to their church in Hlinne, Slovakia. This church has been started with Roma (gypsy) believers who have to be about the liveliest group of people we’ve ever been with. As we drove into the yard of the house where the church holds services, children who had come for the children’s ministry time were waiting with eager anticipation. Joyce got out of the car and the children swarmed her and surrounded us with their excitement!

The childrens' time lasted for about 1½ hours and was full of teaching and exuberant singing! The adult (and children’s) service started after that and went for nearly 2 hours. It was obvious where the children learned to sing! Everyone in the congregation sang at the top of their lungs (in tune and harmony!) for each song! What a joy to share the word of God and encourage such enthusiastic followers of Jesus! We felt humbled and privileged to share this day with our Roma brothers and sisters!

Our next “stop” after our “mountaintop” experience in Hermanovce was Presov, Slovakia where we met our Slovak/American team who would be doing the English Camp. Connecting with the 4 other Americans and the 15 members of the Slovak camp leadership team was a real joy.

From that moment on for the next 10 days we were busy almost every moment doing all sorts of crazy activities that youth thrive on; we learned some really great games ...

We had some awesome conversations, we saw beautiful surroundings and we were amazed that we really could get by on six hours of sleep each night for over a week!

The Slovak campers were enthusiastic about every part of camp and were so appreciative of “the Americans” coming to help make the camp possible. We felt like God really enriched our lives through this experience.

The highlight for us was making connections with our group during the entire week.

At the “good-bye party” back in Presov on the evening after returning from camp, a young man from our camp group said that he was thankful every day to be at camp and that this experience showed him that life is more than girls and partying. We have many more stories about this amazing camp and lives that are being changed here in Eastern Europe! We look forward to sharing them with you after we return in about 3 weeks.

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