Connections and Preparations

Our first week here in Silesia, Poland has gone by quickly! We're currently awaiting the arrival of a construction/encouragement team from Colorado. They will be joining some Polish youth next week to make a huge dent on some cabin (domek) renovations ... as well as some demolition on the main H2O building.

Here's a short run-down on what we've been doing since you last heard from us:

We took a trip back to Czech on Wednesday, to Hotel Malenovice, so that we could observe some "English Camp training" that was being done for the English Camps that would be taking place all around the Czech Republic this week. It was a hugely encouraging time ... to meet with Czech and American leaders as they prepared for the camps. We had one very special conversation with Greg Strock, whom Dave was in seminary with. Greg serves full time with JV and told us he's done 34 English Camps!! It was great to reconnect with a dear friend and "partner in ministry!"

On Thursday, we had a very hard-working Polish "encouragement team" show up to help us prepare cabins for construction teams to stay in.

They really pitched in to help, even in 90 degree temps to make the cabins "spic-and-span" for people to stay in! What a joy it was to hear one young man's testimony of how he came to realize the need for Jesus in his life, after hearing about God's love at an English Camp.

Rafalo and Dave hauled furniture in and out ...

... while Joyce and a number of other Polish gals chased spiders out of the long-closed-up cabins and washed them from top to bottom! With new foam mattresses and bedding, these places are starting to feel almost like home!!

Tomorrow we'll be spending the day with the team; going to church in Zory, Poland (Dave is speaking), and doing a little sightseeing! The goal is to keep the team awake as long as possible!

Watch for more updates when we get going on the work on the domky (cabins) after Monday!

Dave & Joyce - Serving this summer in Eastern Europe with NEXT International and Josiah Venture

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