H2O - Living Water in Skocow, Poland

Greetings from Skocow in Southwest Poland!

We arrived in Bielsko Biala on Saturday, July 11 in fine shape after a short stop in Czech Republic to do laundry and "Czech in" with our friends Mel and Amy Ellenwood. It was nice to have a couple of "down days" to recover from the Slovak English camp. We made some great friends there and look forward to hearing about the lives that are being changed because of being at the camp. There is no doubt that God will bring fruit from these experiences.

As far as what's happening here; we had a delightful Sunday with a Polish lady named Ursula and her friend, Rose, from London. After attending a Polish brethren church, we were invited to have lunch at Ursula's house and then went with them on an excursion to the nearby Beskidy Mountains. We rode a chair lift to the top of a 1000 + meter high mountain and enjoyed a short hike around the top and a delicious piece of fresh-baked blueberry cake!

On Monday (yesterday) we started our ministry here at H2O, the training, retreat, and conference center that is being renovated by Josiah Venture. We had hoped to have a team from Katowice here for this week, but they had to cancel at the last moment. In a way, that may be a blessing in disguise, because there is much planning to do and prioritizing the work for future teams. Dave has been working on outlining a work plan and itemizing the tasks that need to be done as well as how long each task may take.

Joyce has been a great second set of eyes and ears ... and has helped with the planning process and has provided some very practical ideas. It's been great to work together as a team!

Our "domek" ... or cute little house ... for the 10 days or so is a one room, two twin-bed, half A-frame cottage on the H2O property. One of our tasks is to help update these "domky" so that they are warmer and dryer. We have a team of 8 people coming in on Saturday who will help to renovate one of these by applying 4 inches of styrofoam on the outside and repainting the roof! Anyway, now you know where we are! Thanks for thinking of us ... we'd love to hear from you with a comment on our adventures!

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