Final Reflections

Our final days in Czech Republic flew by before we knew it! It’s now Saturday morning, and we are in Amsterdam, Netherlands on our way back to the United States. It has been a great week, with many “God sightings” as we’ve sought to be a “Barnabas Team” … encouraging people in whatever way we can. Our hands encouraged the Josiah Venture Staff as we were able to so some construction work on the Pstruzi House Retreat Center. Our lips expressed words of encouragement and prayers for the leaders and families who live and serve here. And last, but certainly not least, our hearts connected with the vision and passion of the entire Josiah Venture organization. We’re hoping and believing that there will be many more connections and opportunities for people to join with us in this part of the world!

Thursday was our final work day. Our hope was to get our project to a point where the work remaining was easily “transferable” to a next group coming in. We finished nailing on the 1 inch sheathing on the end wall of the barn … soon to be guest house … and framed in a roof system for a wood storage area that will store wood to heat part of the facility. Oh, we should mention that the weather on Thursday was a full-blown mountain blizzard, so cutting rafters outside brought its own challenge!

Dave and Mark rejoiced to “reach the top” of their project, and congratulated each other as they thanked God for the work which He was able to accomplish through them.

One highlight of Thursday was a side trip to a log home building factory in Frydlant nad Ortravici. Josiah Venture is seriously considering hiring this company to put up a traditional style Czech “timber home” complete with exquisite dovetail corners and massive beams! This visit really lit Dave’s fire for the facility. The log/timber construction would provide a very peaceful and calming environment for JV staff to come and refresh and recharge.

So, our day ended with one last walk down the hill …

... and memories of a week well invested for the Kingdom of God.

Please pray with us that, unlike these locked barn doors at the retreat facility, the doors of peoples’ hearts here in Central Europe will be open and unlocked to receive the Good News of God’s love in Jesus Christ.

Pray also that God continues to lead NEXT as to how we may continue to build a strong partnership with Josiah Venture to help move their God given vision forward in Eastern Europe.

Oh, one last thing. We want to thank our dear “Czech brother” Marek Susta for the use of his car for the week. Marek and his family has been wonderful friends for many years, and it was great to reconnect during this trip. His generosity and friendship are very special to us, and we look forward to more time together in the future. And thanks to everyone who has read and prayed and followed our adventures this past week. We’re excited to see many of you very soon!

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Lora said...

We enjoyed and were encouraged following your blog and pictures...rejoicing in all that God has done in you and through you while in Czech. Looking forward to hearing more in person!