Work Day Monday

Today we were able to get after some of the projects that the Josiah Venture folks had in mind for us. We're working on the Pstruzi House ... which will soon be used as a retreat/vacation center for the staff of JV here in Eastern Europe.

We had to shovel our way in because the snow is still piled pretty high in these mountains!

Joyce and Cathy tackled a "deconstruction" project which entailed using hammers and nail pullers to disassemble a floor system. The reason they are doing this is that the JV leaders have decided that they can rebuild a brand-new square log home on the old foundation for just about the same amount of money that it would take to renovate the old house. This will provide a much nicer facility ... with much more flexibility in construction!

While the girls were hard at it, the guys were figuring out how to re-frame the end of an old barn which will be used as a guest house at the retreat center. The rough sawn 2x6 pine (5x15s in cm!) were amazingly straight ... and the final product is kind of starting to take shape.

Tomorrow we'll continue on with the wall framing, along with laying some brick to support a knee wall and nailing on wall sheathing (2.5 cm thick boards) on the outside of the frame wall.

Thanks for keeping up with us, we'll try to update again tomorrow!

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Lon said...

Sounds like a great time and lots of good work for you. Very cool to be back after so long and to do it together too. Enjoy and may God bless you all. Tell Mel and Amy HI from us.
Lon & Dennise Fisk