Goofy Tuesday

Our team moved into our second work day with great joy! The weather turned from a beautiful sunrise to a blizzard in less than 2 hours ... but that didn't squelch our enthusiasm.

We started by stopping by the stavebniny (building supply) to pick up some mortar mix for laying up a small brick wall. Mixing mud in the snow was a real treat!

While Mark and Dave got things going with that, the girls (Joyce and Cathy) started picking out rough sawn pine 1 inch boards to use as exterior sheathing on the new barn wall. Not only did they pick them out ... but they measured, cut and installed over 50 boards!

For a warm-up, we went into the nearby town of Frydlant nad Ostravici to a restaurant for a hot meal. Joyce thoroughly enjoyed her hot pear drink ... along with halusky s zelim (small boiled dumplings and boiled cabbage!).

Mel Ellenwood stopped by to discuss some ideas and plans ... and we made a shopping list of things we needed at the hardware store!

We finished the day with the knee wall in place ... and a great 30 minute ride back to the Ellenwoods where Amy had some delicious chili and corn bread waiting for us.

Oh, by the way, the main reason for this being goofy Tuesday, is that Cathy entertained us with the giggles most of the day ... and we're glad to say that, "missionaries do have fun!"

So long until tomorrow.

Dave & Joyce and Mark & Cathy

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Chris E. said...

Goofy? Working with your travelling partners? Can't so i'm too surprised!

Hope you're enjoying the snow. I was in Madison yesterday, and it hit 70. All those poor folks that left for Spring Break picked the wrong week.

I'm still praying for your health and safety, and that God blesses all those who you are in contact with.Oh yeah...glad to see you're getting some stuff done too.