Gearing Up!

Well, we're back at it again! For those who haven't heard, Joyce and Dave are heading back to Eastern Europe on June 23 for an "extended ministry" that will last nearly six weeks!

Once again, we will be partnering with Josiah Venture, a youth outreach and leadership development organization. They have invited us to participate in a number of different activities which are designed to give Eastern European youth an opportunity to clearly hear about and respond to God's love for them. We are super excited about what we'll be doing this summer.

During the first week of July we will be helping to facilitate a relational evangelistic English camp in Slovakia. Joyce is excited to use her ESL expertise in this camp setting with students who have had little or no contact with Christians, the Bible or the truth of Jesus Christ! Dave will be able to use his Czech language as well, to build relational bridges into students’ lives! (Slovak and Czech are “sister languages”) We look forward to sharing the gospel with some who have never heard it before!

After the camp, we will travel to southern Poland to spend five weeks working with teams from around the globe who are helping to do an “Extreme Makeover” on an 18 acre training center called H2O. Dave will be able to put his project management and team facilitation skills to good use as we work with hundreds of people during the 5 weeks that we are in Poland. To learn more about what H20 is all about take a look at the H2O Blog

We invite you to follow us as we move about in Eastern Europe this summer. We anticipate great things to happen in and through our lives!

Blessings to all!

Dave & Joyce Johnson

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