Sore Muscles, Encouraged Hearts!

Our third work/service day came with an accompanying bonus!  We were given the keys to "The NIVA!"  (click the blue "NIVA" link to read about it!)

So, equipped with chain saw, splitting axes, and a "ready-to-go" attitude, we donned our proper Czech stocking caps and ventured out in the "The NIVA" to conquer a pile of beech logs.  All went well!  See the video above to see the boys in action!

We hauled 5 trailer loads of wood and stacked it for groups to use in the 7 fireplaces present in the cabins and the hotel.  Many great conversations about life and faith occur around these places!  We feel privileged to serve in this way and know that our service is producing eternal results.

After finishing our work for the day ... we sat down with Dave Patty, president of Josiah Venture who inspired us by sharing some of the awesome things that God has done, and is doing through Josiah Venture throughout the 14 countries of Eastern Europe where JV works.  Again, we were encouraged to hear and see that we can be a part of a bigger picture of God's work amongst the young people of this region.  

Today (Saturday) is a "volny den" ... free day.  We are spending the morning with the Bozon family visiting the town of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.  There is a very interesting outdoor museum and historical village with buildings that depict the special "Waldstein" style ... very similar to the log/timber buildings now present at the Malenovice Hotel/Conference Center.

We're taking some "free/alone" time this afternoon ... because tomorrow (Sunday) we will be in church, lunch with a family, and then actually beginning work at 3:00 in the afternoon.  We have a project in one of the wooden buildings that must be done by Tuesday evening, so we're going to get a jump on things!

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  They are vital for us to keep energize and focused to what God wants to teach us and show us through this experience!

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