Entertaining Strangers! ... What we do, or who we are!

Day 2 for the 2015 Czech outreach team took a number of different directions ... but all of them led to some very rewarding and encouraging experiences.

Our Czech carpenter friend, Tomas, arrived early to the conference center with tools and materials for us to use to do make some supports for stage sections which are used during large conferences (200+ people).  But, only did he bring tools and materials, he brought us special gifts ... authentic Czech stocking caps ... to keep our heads warm in the sometimes snowy, sometimes sunny weather!  We all donned them for a classic "selfie" ...

Have you ever seen such great looking bunch of guys??!!

While Dave Stone and Dave J continued with the platform renovations and chopped some more wood, Smokey and Lil' John cleaned up the grounds by burning brush and removing snow from alongside the temporary "conference tent" because the wooden floor was being damaged by melting  snow.

 But, all work and no play makes for a boring trip ... so the boys decided to make thrones for the "Co-Kings" of Moravia ...

Say hi to King Honza and King Smokey!

So, for some of the past years' Czech Team Veterans ... we aren't disappointed because we didn't get to shovel snow!!  There's still plenty of it here!  We miss you, Chris, Todd and Clint!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and encouraging words ... we're doing great ... and looking forward to another week here!

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