Double the Fun on Monday/Tuesday!

After a great Sunday, the team headed back up the mountain to Selah on Monday morning. We took advantage of another sunny day to clear brush, remove old fencing and pruning some old fruit trees. We can now actually see the back side of the old barn!

Plumbing pipes were placed in trenches and wood was delivered for the stairs project. At the end of the day, we headed across the valley and up another mountainside ... as we changed our accommodations and moved to Hotel Malenovice. This facility is owned by Josiah Venture and is used for many of their conferences. During the early 2000's, many volunteer construction teams worked on this renovation to create the beautiful facility it is today. Our team members who hadn't been here before were blessed and impressed!

On Monday evening we helped celebrate Amy Ellenwood's birthday at their home in the nearby town of Chotebuz. It was great fun hanging with the entire family ... Mel and Amy ... and their 3 children; Hannah, Haley and Noah. They are a very special family.

Tuesday was a very busy day. Noah Ellenwood brought his friend, Simon, to work with us on a variety of jobs. They hauled brush and firewood, filled a dumpster, moved material, hauled sand ... and had fun with the team!

After enough head scratching and "ciphering" ... Dave J and Fran finally seemed to have the stair plans figured out. The first cuts were made and things seem to be taking shape. We should have the main set of stairs done on Wednesday.

Joyce and Lenore joined Art in framing the upstairs. It was fun hearing the "sisters" pounding and praising!! Art said that he never had better students!

Our hopes were to have a fire going to burn brush ... and have a "bursti roast" ... but it was too windy ... so instead, Joyce and Dave picked up the fixings and we made a bon-fire in the fire pit at our hotel (Malenovice) and enjoyed sharing a beautiful evening under starlight skies and a full moon!

Honestly, the team is tired ... but each day God is showing each of us a little more about Josiah Venture and the vision and mission He's given to this organization. We all feel very blessed to have a small part in preparing a place for God to refresh and rejuvenate the awesome people He's called to live and work here. We're looking forward to a final great work day tomorrow ... and then home on Thursday!

Oh, and sorry ... no pictures tonight ... Lenore wrote this out and Dave is typing this at 12:30 ... so its time for bed. We'll try to post pictures tomorrow!

Thanks for following our adventures! The "Czech Team" - 2010.

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