Czech Team 2010 Update1

Greetings from Eastern Czech Republic!

Our team of 7 arrived safely on Thursday evening and have had a wonderful first two days of serving here. God put together an awesome team ... Dave Kirby, Art Pekoc, Fran Schmitz, Larry and Lenore Johnson ... and Joyce and Dave Johnson.
For our first day in the beautiful Beskydy mountains at Selah; the Josiah Venture retreat facility, God gave us sunshine and warm breezes. What a gorgeous day all around. We spent the majority of our muscle power outside, cleaning up construction debris, clearing brush and bramble and dismantling old fencing.

On Saturday we all continued with the work God has given us.

We were blessed to have Noah Ellenwood (Mel and Amy's 14-year-old son)
working with us. He moved a ton of rocks that will be used for a retaining wall. Art worked with the electrician, Fran worked on trimming out skylights, Kirby and Larry dug a trench for the sewer system and Dave made coffee!! ;-) Joyce and Lenore continued to dismantle old fencing among the most horrendous and gigantic thorn bushes anyone has ever seen. They both have the wounds to prove it. Ask to see them when they return!

During our busy-ness ... God set the valley below us aglow with the setting sun, causing us to "pause" with thankfulness to Him ... knowing that "Selah" be used as a wonderful tool to bring blessings, rest and refreshment to the lives of many who will come here. We all consider it a great privilege to serve God's kingdom purposes in this way!

Enjoy the pictures of our team in action!!

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Ruth said...

I'm praying for you all, Lenore, and will read your blog entry to my mom.

Ruth Baldwin, a fellow Czech lover