February 2014 Czech Republic Team Update1

Well, we just made it out of Minneapolis ahead of "Snowmaggedon 2014" ... and made our way across the ocean to Amsterdam and then on to Prague.  The guys were excited to get on the plane and in the air!

 Upon arrival in Prague, we discovered that our short connection in Amsterdam caused our luggage to be delayed!  Oh, well ... approximately 36 hours and a shopping trip later, our duffel bags and suitcases arrived!!  And yes, the boys went shopping and were equipped with new sets of "work clothes" in order to start the work on Saturday!

Our primary job this week is to work on the interior finish of "Marlenka" ... which will be a dining hall and housing for a number of people who will be attending conferences, etc., at the Josiah Venture Hotel and Conference Center.  We got a good start, John did some pre-staining and Dave and Scott started installing furring strips on the block walls.  It felt good to get some work going on Saturday.

Sunday (today) we spent the first part of the day getting some regional history and culture, as we went on a visit to the city of ┼átramberk.  We ate cookies which have been baked here for many centuries in memory of the legendary victory of the Stramberk Christians over Mongolian soldiers on the 8th of May in 1241.  They looked like Shrek's ears (read about the legend by clicking HERE).  We then hiked up a hill to their famous ruins ... the Castle Strallenberg.  We went all the way up to the top of the cylindrical tower called Truba for some amazing views of the countryside!

John discovered a statue on the top of the castle hill that he's thinking about making a replica of and putting it in his front yard!  Wonder what Ginnie will say!!??             

After a fun and tasty lunch on the town square we made our way back to Frydlant nad Ostravici for the 4:00 pm church service.  We were welcomed by the congregation and tried our best to follow the sermon (Dave attempted some translation) ... !!!

Tonight we spent a little time with team devotionals, then John decided to get a jump on things and get a little pre-staining time in!  We're planning on hitting it hard tomorrow!

Things are going well ... and we're thankful for God's provision in every way ... as well as for your prayers!  Keep 'em up!

Serving in Easter Czech Republic ... Scott, John and Dave!

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